Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cherokee Casino Concerts

Just catching up on some has been months!  I guess that goes to show how busy I have been lately.  With school, study time, hospital clinicals, and my job...well honestly...some days I just have to decide what is the most important stuff for that day...and the rest gets left to another day.  One thing is for sure though....Saturday is my OFF day! Saturday is the only day that John and I have the day off togther.  Nobody is allowed to work.  So thats usually when we go with friends to do things....or just hang out.

One thing that we really enjoy doing is going to the occassional concert at the casino.  The picture above was at the Bellamy Brothers concert.  We had a great time with Rhonda and Mike.  We all decided we had the munchies, so Rhonda and I went to the restaurant section and ordered chips and salsa.  Honestly, that was the WORST salsa I have ever tasted...and I normally love salsa.  It needed I thought SALT!?  I went up to the bar and asked for some salt...he poured some in a cup and I proceeded to sprinkle some in the salsa.  BIG MISTAKE!!  Now I'm not a big how am I supposed to know that margarita rim salt is different than regular salt?  Honestly, I didnt even realize he had given me margarita salt!  LOL  I might as well have dumped an entired box of table salt in the was horrid! Needless to say...we ate salsa-less chips! LOL  Oh well...lesson learned.  We still had a great time with great friends....not so much great food though!

This one was also taken at the casino....the Chris Cagle concert.  John was taking pictures...cant you tell?  Its all was he!  LOL  He and Captain Morgan were hanging out that night!  And here is the link to a video that shows all the excitement that night. 

Apparently, two women got into a fight over a guy...then one of them ends up giving Chris Cagle the bird!  Chris Cagle stopped his concert long enough to tell them off and kick them out! LOL   Can we say....TACKY ???  LOL  Women...never fight over a man!  If you are fighting over him...then obviously he did something questionable in the first why would you bother?  Geesh...

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