Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My How Time Flies !!

Wow I cant believe how quickly time goes by.  It has been almost 8 months since my last post....sure doesnt seem that long ago.  I guess I have been a little busy...LOL.  Last time I blogged here, I was right in the middle of nursing school...and now I have three days left in my preceptorship which is where you go to work in a medical facility with a nurse...without your instructor...for a total of 120 hours.  And what an experience it has been!!

The facility I chose is not close to my home...I have to be at the hospital by 6:15 a.m....and I am definitely NOT a morning person.  Good grief...I dont even want to think about what time I would have to get up each morning! UGH  Sooo....I have been staying at a hotel there...alone...I thought I would enjoy it WAY more than I did.  LOL  I thought I would enjoy having the place to myself to watch TV, read, pig out on junk...lol..whatever.  But honestly...it wasnt all that great of a feeling.  I tried to lay down at night and just go to sleep, but I was restless, the room didnt feel or sound the same as at home...there was no ceiling fan above my bed.  It was too quiet...and funny as it may sound...I would have loved to hear my husband's snoring right about then.  LOL  I sorta tossed and turned, kept waking up and looking at the clock.  Thankfully, that is over, and the last three days I have left are only 8 hour days, so I can just leave the house the same morning and not have to get up extremely early.  The countdown has begun...24 days until graduation!!  On to a new subject....hehehe

The summer has been a blast!!!  John was able to reconnect with a cousin that he had not seen in 30 years and it has just been a wonderful thing.  We were all able to go to Branson together....have taken several trips to the lake...and have even floated the Illinois river.  I'm hoping everyone doesnt get tied up with life now that summer is winding down...it seems so easy to lose touch with people when you live a busy lifestyle.  Below are a few pics from the summer fun! We have several things planned for the upcoming Fall...but I'll save that for a different blog...its past my bedtime.  LOL  Anyway...just wanted to post a blog since it had been a while. 

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