Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Perfect Punch For Any Party Or Event

Ever needed a good punch recipe for an upcoming event?  Well here you go!  You could even use this for the upcoming holiday parties if you wanted too....its not just for baby and bridal showers!

Punch bowl
1   2 liter bottle of Sprite or 7-up
2   12 ounce cans of frozen cranberry juice
12 ounce can of frozen yellow lemonade

Take ONE can of cranberry juice, and mix it up per package instructions.  Pour it into a ring jello mold and freeze completely.  If you dont have a jello mold, you can just pour the juice into ice trays and freeze.   

Once your mold or ice trays are completely frozen, pour the bottle of Sprite or 7 up into the punch bowl.  Using an ice cream scoop or spoon, scoop the frozen juice from the second can of cranberry juice and the can of lemonade into the punch bowl.  Then dump your ice mold or ice trays into the punch, so you have ice floating.  There you go....all done.

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